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NPMYAC Raiders Baseball & Softball Little League

Pony Softball Division Rules

Game times: 6 innings or 2 hours; whatever comes first (as long as there is enough day light)

1. Pitching

a. After 4 walks in one inning, the batting team’s coach will pitch the remainder of that inning

b. The coach may not walk their own player

c. The coach may strike out their own player swinging only

d. If the batter is hit by the coach, the player remains at bat (if injured, player make take first base at coach's discretion)

e. Pitching distance is 35 feet

f. Coaches can agree at the beginning of a game to play a coach pitch game

2. Batting

a. Some teams will bat until 5 runs or 3 outs are reached in their half inning. (Unlimited runs allowed for the last inning).

b. Players will bat in a “universal” batting order that will be provided to the opposing coach prior to start of play. The batting order will contain the entire roster, not just players in the field. The batting order will remain the same regardless of on field substitutions.


3. Base Running

a. Each team has an unlimited number of steals per inning, however passed ball advance limits may be agreed upon in advance by coaches.

b. No player may steal home

c. No player may advance on overthrow from catcher to pitcher

d. A player must wait for the ball to pass the plate before a steal is attempted

e. Players may only score on a batter’s hit, or on walk or hit batsman with the bases loaded. Players may not score on overthrows or errors.

f. There is no batter advance on a dropped third strike. The batter is out when the third strike is called or swung at.

g. 3 steels per inning max, runners advancing on a passed ball counts as a steel.

If 2 runners on base steel on the same pitch, it counts as 2 steals.

4. Substitutions

The pitcher and catcher may be replaced any time on the bases with the last player to complete her turn at bat. Catcher speedup rule. When a catcher gets on base with 2 outs, the manager calls time, and puts in a courtesy runner (player with the last batted out) for the catcher. (This is used in a lot of leagues to speed up the game due to the time it takes for a catcher to get on the gear.)


5. Rosters

Games me be played as long as each team has a minimum of 7 players on the roster.

(Suggested defensive setup: pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, 2 outfielders)

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